October 25, 2020

Auto Transport “How it Works”

A person who assembles small Auto Transport Washington of vehicles into a large consolidated shipment that is subsequently tendered to an auto carrier. Upon reaching destination, the shipment is split into small shipments and also delivered.


The practice of shipping a vehicle using more than one manner of automobile transport. Offered by only a few select automobile haulers, intermodal auto transport incorporates both short-distance truck transportation and long-haul rail service options.

Local Move

A phrase used to refer to automobile transport from pickup to delivery with one carrier, usually within a radius of 200 miles from origin to destination.


Changes or additions to a vehicle from its original condition, like spoilers, roof racks, 4 x 4 lift kits, running boards, camper cabs, etc.. Modifications can impact a vehicle’s overall dimensions and weight, which might require a different mode of automobile transport or additional fees.


The location where transport of a car starts, or originates. Car haulers need both the source and destination of a shipment to supply an accurate car transport quote.

Pick Up and Transit Time

Automobile transport usually averages between 1 to 3 months, depending on delivery and pick-up locations, accessibility of the vehicles, shipping capacity, and distance. Most car haulers also provide expedited service at an additional fee.


Ramps were originally structures, permanent or temporary, where trailers or machines are driven onto or from a railroad flatcar.


The person for whom the car hauler agrees to move vehicles to a specified destination and at a predetermined cost.


A facility offered by a railroad or automobile hauling company for an intermediate stage in its network for the handling of cargo; and for the breaking up, making up, servicing and forwarding loads, and interchanging with other carriers. Also referred to as a”ramp” when referencing a rail terminal.


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