March 5, 2021

Play Poker Online

Not to be outperformed, Jungle Poker has its own female representative: in all honesty the beautiful Cheynelle Fraser, a barkeep/model who is presently the authority face of Jungle Poker. Why a poker site would require a sizzling hot model as a representative is a great secret. We speculate it is on the grounds that the photographs of Cheynelle Рwhich incorporate a few brilliant cleavage shots Рunquestionably have an inseparable tie to poker and nothing with selling sexuality. Despite the fact that the site might be utilizing the acceptable looks of excellent Cheynelle to help advance their site, they are not just about T and An on their site: on the first page of the site they have a notice for their heads up Sit and Go competitions, highlighting two headshots of a man and a lady, both completely dressed, testing each other to a game. Yahoo for fairness!

– Europeans are no special case with regards to utilizing appealing pictures of the female structure to help them sell their items. In a new article distributed on, the writer expounds on the forthcoming Great British Poker Tour, and the highlight picture of this article is a naked lady unwinding in a bath loaded with poker chips. It really is ideal that they posted this image, since nothing says Great British Poker Tour in a way that is better than a lady washing bare in poker chips.

– The most horrible outcome discovered during the hunt came from on their rakeback ad, which includes an alarming representation of zombie lady in an undergarment, fishnet stockings, heels, and a short skirt utilizing a rake to get together some playing a card game that probably tumbled off a tree. In spite of the fact that having someone in a real sense raking poker cards is charming, we don’t know about the requirement for an attractive undead lady.

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